Welcome, Mortal!

Kneel before the Throne of Games and know now that all those who enter here shall have their minds blown. For the Throne of Games does not deal in half-measures, second guesses, or might-have-beens. The Throne of Games knows only domination, dedication, and a deep passion for video games. The Throne of Games knows only the trumpet call of victory, and the chiming bells of the next great video game deal.

It is THE
video games expert.

It is THE best buyer in the Universe.

It is The
Throne of Games.

The Throne of Games

It was in the aftermath of the great Console Wars that the Throne of Games first emerged. From the dust and ash of a thousand epic battles, the Throne consolidated its power. The people of Canada cried out, "Deliver us from used video game stagnation!" The Throne of Games heard their call. With years of experience in the used game market, the Throne of Games moved to reinvent how the people sold their used games; No more pushy, impatient salesmen. No more inexperienced buyers offering too little for games. Better prices. Better service. Expert appraisal of your video game collection. The Throne of Games is powerful and awe-inspiring, but it is also fair and just. And so the Throne of Games heard the people's call. And the people rejoiced, for a pronouncement came down from the Throne: "Bring us your games! Bring us your old games, and your new ones. Your Shooters and your RPGs. Bring us your consoles and your controllers, your Ataris and your Playstations. Bring your games, lay them at the foot of the Throne, and you shall be rewarded with the best prices in the Land." And so, a new foundation was laid. It was solid and sturdy, and built from the dedication, respect, and comitment to service that the people deserved. And the Throne was placed atop this foundation, and the people wept for joy. They cried, "here is our salvation! here is our deliverer! Hail! Hail! Hail the Throne of Games!" And all was as it should be.

What the customers think

I've sold my games at the market, I've sold my games to the woods witch out past Fairgarden. I've even sold my games to that sneaky dwarf what lives in the swamp. None of these so-called buyers can match the service of the Throne of Games.

John of Dwimsbury

I've sailed the seven seas, steered my ship through the great whirlpool of Chenrizog, and dropped my anchor in every port from here to Singapore, and I can tell ye landlubbers and scalliwags that ye'll find no game buyer who offers you more booty for yer games than the Throne. Avast! Plot yer course for the Throne of Games, and look lively, ye scurvy dogs!

Faustus "Gingerbeard" McSwain, Captain of The Dolly Jogger, Pirate

The service rendered by the Throne of Games represents an order of magic the likes of which even I have never encountered. It is ancient beyond reckoning and blazing with the light of the purest celestial power.

Glorfindorphin, Arch-Mage of the White Order

When Ogres attacked my village all we had left were our video games. We offered them to the Throne of Games and with the money we made we rebuilt the village and constructed an Ogre-proof rampart. Thank you Throne of Games! Now we no longer live in fear.

Joshu, son of Jim

Gorp steal video games from puny human villagers. Gorp cannot eat video games. Gorp sell games to Throne of Games. Now Gorp have gold. Gorp cannot eat gold but can use gold to buy ladder. Now Gorp climb over puny rampart, steal fat sheep from villagers. Gorp like Throne of Games.

Gorp, Cheif of the Wolf Clan, Ogre

I was in debt to his lordship the Sherif of Hobbsville. It was either sell my games or lose me right hand. That was an easy choice to make! So was choseing The Throne of Games as my buyer. Thank you, Throne of Games! Now I've paid my debt and I still have both me hands.

Oother the Miller